Will I experience withdrawal symptoms if I quit taking cbd?

February 13, 2020 Tara Eveland 3 min read

Will I experience withdrawal symptoms if I quit taking CBD? Maybe that question has crossed your mind a time or two? Maybe that question is the one that keeps you from ever trying CBD in the first place? Let’s dive in and explore this important consumer concern about CBD oil withdrawal symptoms.

Let’s start with personal experience first. I’ve used cannabis for the better part of 20 years (save for the usual times like pregnancy or when my dealers went to jail lol), and I have yet to experience a withdrawal symptom from going without it. Did my discomfort come back without cannabis? Sure! Did my nights turn back to sleepless and waking in terror from flashbacks without CBD oil? Of course it did. But that isn’t a symptom of withdrawal, that’s actually proving the fact that cannabis helps me with my very worst sides of myself and life. It helps me wake up and walk around my home, where I used to be handed a pain pill in bed and a glass of water each morning before my feet hit the ground. So, going without it sucked… but in no way did I ever experience withdrawal symptoms from going without cannabis.

Now that the personal parts shared, let’s dig into what the ‘experts’ and the science says about possible withdrawal symptoms from CBD.

Thursday, 13 February 2020

London, United Kingdom: The abrupt cessation of CBD (cannabidiol) is not associated with physical withdrawal symptoms in healthy volunteers, according to clinical trial data published in the journal Epilepsy & Behavior.

A team of investigators from the United Kingdom and the United States assessed the occurrence of withdrawal symptoms induced by the abrupt cessation of CBD. Subjects in the trial were healthy volunteers who ingested 750mg of plant-derived CBD twice daily for a period of four weeks. Study participants either continued to receive CBD or received a placebo during weeks five and six.

Researchers reported no serious adverse events resulting from the discontinuation of CBD.

They concluded, “In healthy volunteers, no evidence of withdrawal syndrome was found with abrupt discontinuation of short-term treatment with CBD.”

In 2018, federal regulators classified Epidiolex – an FDA-approved formulation of plant-derived CBD – as a Schedule V substance, the lowest restriction classification available under federal law.

*Full text of the study, “Abrupt withdrawal of cannabidiol (CBD): A randomized trial,” appears in Epilepsy & Behavior.

Source: NORML news of the week

Whoa! Hold up! First of all I’ll address the clear elephant in the room. Why on earth would anyone take 750MG of CBD a day?! The average serving of CBD oil by healthy adults is 40-50MG a day as a daily supplement. In this case, and in almost every other clinical study and research, they are using Epidiolex (man made synthetic isolated CBD that is FDA approved as of 2018). As we know, a full spectrum CBD oil is the way to go, so I can’t speak for the effectiveness of this FDA med, but what I can say is this, look at that number and the results of the study. The study found NO possible withdrawal symptoms in either test group, the ones that continued the Epidiolex vs the ones that were given the placebo.

It’s also worth mentioning that the World Health Organization released a 28 page ‘Cannabidiol (CBD) review’ in 2018 that in summary says the exact thing we already know and have discussed. No, you will not experience withdrawal symptoms from stopping CBD oil, however, you may experience all the complaints that you had PRIOR to using cannabis oil to relieve them.

*Full Clinical Data referenced is located here

**WHO review 2018 is located here

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