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How To Write a Religious Vaccine Exemption Letter: Blog Series INtro

July 27, 2021 Tara Eveland 5 min read
How to Write a Religious Vaccine Exemption Letter….

Are you stuck wondering how to write a religious vaccine exemption? That is what we’re going to explore in this series. Read the entire series starting at Post 1 (linked at the bottom of this intro) for examples of reader submitted, real life, religious vaccine exemptions.

Do you need to write a religious vaccine exemption letter? If you’ve never written an exemption letter before, it can be a daunting task. No worries, I wrote this series just for that reason!

This series will inspire and guide the reader through the process and all they need to know about How to Write a Religious Vaccine Exemption. It’s my prayer that by sharing these examples it will help others to draft their own original deeply held religious beliefs. I am not a lawyer, this series is not meant to be taken as law, its just info that is working for others.

The Single Most Important Thing you need to know about writing a Religious Exemption

If you don’t understand or remember anything else from researching “How to write a religious exemption to vaccines” let it be this.

You must write your own religious exemption letter!!!!

To truly write a religious exemption to vaccines, by law, and should also be by the ethics of your heart/holy spirit of course, these exemption are held for ‘deeply held personal beliefs’. Not your mom’s’ believes, not what you learned in church as a child and don’t practice at all now, not what your friend wrote for you… this may be the most important thing you have ever written in your life.

Each week I get many emails, at least half of these are mothers that explain to me their child is at college or a university and for the first time ever they are mandating they get a vaccine to stay, the mothers are wanting me to help them write the child an exemption. I get it. I’m a mother. I feel you. However…..This is very important that you listen to the next words you are about to read and then get busy bugging your child to sit and DO IT!


I wish you could, I know you’d cover ALL the bases, that’s what us Moms do, but this one has to be done on their own. Don’t worry, you’re gonna read all of this series and then have a solid outline of ‘what to include’ to share with your child. It’s gonna be super easy for them to write and get it approved (hopefully!)

Now, let’s cover a few more very important need to knows then we will dive into the examples!

Can a pastor or church write me a vaccine exemption letter?

It would make sense that a Pastor or a church could write a vaccine exemption letter for others, right? Sadly the truth is, it isn’t the best idea. If you are a pastor or a church, you can certainly TRY to pass out a one size fits all template to your congregation, but I doubt it will work for most of their needs.

The old days of turning in the paperwork, filing it, and moving along are long gone, they’re wanting boosters every few months now, and seem pretty intent on challenging some exemptions that are presented. I feel over time the ‘template’ type of exemptions some are choosing to use will be pitted against the entire population that are seeking the religious exemptions, and that would be really bad if we lost the federal protections that allow us to decline. The exemption letter doesn’t need to be long, or fancy, it just needs to explain how YOU cannot accept vaccines because of a believe you hold. Key word YOU… not pastor or church.

Now, there is something to be said for a pastor signing your written letter or statement, or even adding a template signed by the church leaders to it and turning it in together. It will lend more credibility to your claim and strengthen the deeply held belief you have written out. See the FAQ for students here for more info.

What this religious exemption blog series isn’t

You won’t find a template here. This is not something you are allowed to save, copy and paste then turn into your school. You need to read the entire blog post and please understand these are being posted as EXAMPLES only. Do not plagiarize these or your exemption could very well be denied. If it were my decision I would say ‘absolutely go ahead and use this letter!” 100000% yes! But, I’ve already seen on the news just this month August 2021, that some colleges are using plagiarism software to scan these vaccine exemptions to check for copies. If this would happen, well I don’t think the exemption would get approved.

What this religious exemption blog series is

In December of 2020 I decided to publicly share my families’ religious vaccine exemption here and it quickly became the most read and most searched for on the entire blog! Since publishing my families’ vaccine exemption letter I have been contacted by readers asking me to review their own religious exemption letters. I have been blown away reading these, and so honored to have the opportunity to share a few vaccine exemption examples in this blog series.

How to write a religious exemption to vaccines blog series

Start here via my own exemption, the 1st Post: My families religious exemption to vaccines letter by Tara Eveland

2nd Post: COVID Vaccine Religious Exemption Reader submitted letter

3rd Post: Religious Exemption Example Reader Submitted written for a School Reader Submitted

Legal resources for vaccine exemptions

Memo from Liberty Council of America August 2021

ICAN (Informed Consent Action Network)

Siri Glimstad LLP Law Firm

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Need more help? Got a question for me?

Please do not email asking me for a template or how to save and print this letter. This is an example only, meant to inspire you to write your own. Please DO reach out with any questions you have or see the FAQ on religious exemptions here

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