Research Religious Exemption Laws By State

August 27, 2021 Tara Eveland 2 min read

Hey friends, welcome to the newest post in the Religious Exemption to vaccines series. In this post I’m covering the first resource you need to become familiar with in order to research the laws you need to know. If you missed the first post in the series, my own families’ exemption, check that out here when you’re done reading this page!

Use this Post to Research Religious Exemption Laws by State

Many parents are finding out their state laws regarding vaccine exemptions for the first time this back to school year. I hope this blog post helps you navigate that process a bit. If you like this info please consider joining my email list for new post alerts directly to your inbox, sign-up at the bottom of this post. Have an awesome day! -Tara Eveland

Use this resource to Look up your state law on religious exemptions

To obtain a vaccine exemption for your child to attend school, or for yourself as an adult (if applicable), you must follow the regulations outlined in your state’s vaccine law. These laws vary from state to state. NVIC’s State Law & Vaccine Requirements webpages are the most up-to-date resource I know of for each state’s vaccine requirements and exemption information.

Start your individual state exemption research here:

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**Author Note: Many states in the last few years have lost their battles against Big Pharma and the democratic bills they have sponsored resulting in bills passing that have taken away religious exemptions to vaccinations under the state laws. These were not all passed at once, it’s been one by one, each with a different name and slightly different wording, but all doing the same thing; taking away parents’ choice and the free public education that we all pay for with our taxes. Many families have fled the medical tyranny in their states by picking up their families and moving to a different state with different laws. My family fled Colorado in 2020 for this reason, and many friends I personally know of did the same. We are called “Medical Refugees”, and we would really appreciate your help in the fight! Even if it’s just signing up for email action alerts and writing your legislature, we need your voice! Please join the movement here!

Tara Eveland 8/27/2021
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