Quarantine Hand Stamp leads to the Mark of the Beast

March 18, 2020 Tara Eveland 6 min read

It’s March 2020 and I’m discussing a new and emerging trend that I saw posted on Twitter. I immediately thought of ID2020 mark of the beast research I have done. It’s scary to have done the knowledge and then see the quarantine stamps being issued. Could these simple and seemingly harmless stamps lead to using the ID2020 bio technology to implement the mark of the beast? It’s time to research and share what I know with my followers.

As you can see from the photo, some countries have started tracking their citizens using a special inked stamp on the back of their hand.

Now, let’s be clear, I’m not saying this is the mark of the beast, but I’m saying we need to pay attention to how this progresses. We can already see lines drawn in the sand for those that think a quarantine hand stamp is a great idea, and those that see the danger this could lead to.

Quarantine Hand stamps already draw a clear line in the sand for the public

So, why am I dedicating a blog post to this? I’ll just cut to it because there’s no more time to baby step around this. The time is now, what I’ve tried to share with people the last few years is now in full motion, the masses are waking up, and I want to share what I know with my readers and followers too. I urge you to read what I write, check the sources out, read them in depth for yourself, and then make an informed decision based on what you learn.

Back to the hand stamps. Here are some more screenshots on the accounts I’ve found so far coming out of Twitter. I see some people finally asking questions and the trend of googling “ID2020 mark of the beast” so I thought I would share my thoughts.

The hand stamps are DESENSITIZing the public

Currently, (march 2020) the mainstream media has us all living in fear. If you watch the news at all, I’m sure you’ve felt the panic, heard the numbers, and wondered if we’re all going to be infected with this new and deadly COVID19 virus. In America our tests have been delayed, very hard to get, and we are all having our lives turned upside down. Most of the states are in voluntary quarantine already and tuned to the news as their source of the outside world.

Getting you used to being ‘Marked”

Enter the hand stamps. What a novel idea right? If you’re infected, mark your hand, and boom, problem solved. The teachers around the world had a great idea to use stamps on the hands of the kids.

I agree, this will encourage kids to wash their hands more, but at the same time, when the Governments start to use the same measure to track and spot people, it quickly becomes a matter of child grooming. and informed consent.

American Children could Consent on their own to ID2020 Mark of the Beast

America will give children the right to consent to their own stamp, I’m sure of it, as many states, my own included have already given children full rights to consent to many medical procedures if the Government deems them necessary. And when they offer them to the children, what kid won’t want a cool stamp on their hand to be part of what all other kids are doing? We will see Celebrities endorse this program and many others in the new few years for this agenda. When you look at the ID2020 mark of the beast theory, it does start to make sense right?

But, what if it goes beyond an ink stamp? What if…. what if they learned the ink would wash off. Then how would the government track those infected with the new PLANdemic?

Mandate vaccines with id2020 nano bio technology chips injected into hand

Maybe you don’t mind the quarantine hand stamps, that’s cool, but would you care if I told you they’re going to try to use the same concept to track those that take the COVID19 vaccine? What if I told you that Bill Gates has already developed the bio tech and it’s being used in some third world countries right now? Directly supported by the Gates Foundation, The Rockefellers, Microsoft, and GAVA.

Allow me to introduce Bill Gates favorite project, the one he just left Microsoft for last week, the one that brings a digital identity to everyone via nano tech inserted into humans with vaccines. A way to save the entire world. I was floored when I dug in. If you didn’t know before, allow me to show you ID2020.org and the connection between ID2020 mark of the beast claims.

Perhaps the most terrifying and shocking revelation in all my own research was how CONNECTED each of these companies are with one person, one foundation is the source of funding. People can argues that Bill Gates doesn’t “have an agenda”, but the facts are that they are in the wide open for anyone to read, maybe that is what makes it so unbelievable. Anyways, the below SS are taken from the ID2020 site and covers some of the details on the new tech to be injected.

If you head to the bottom of the ID2020 site you find this link to Resources where they have pdf downloads as well. In these documents you can find even more evidence of the program development, requirements, application process, and even in depth details on the ‘bluetooth’ small handheld scanning devices.

Read all 10 pages via PDF provided by ID2020 website right here

How is the united nations involved with id2020

The Sustainable Development Goals are a collection of 17 global goals designed to be a “blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all”. The SDGs, set in 2015 by the United Nations General Assembly and intended to be achieved by the year 2030, are part of UN Resolution 70/1, the 2030 Agenda.

-Sustainable Development Goals

Time to get cozy and dig into research my quarantined friends, because this is more than conspiracy theories, I wish it was still that. But the fact is, these are our governments and 1% planning humanities entire future. And how do you think they’ll control that future?

Step one: Stamps on the hand.

Is ID2020 the mark of the beast?

Be watchful. Call it what you want but believers can see how ID2020 mark of the beast is a real threat to us all.

Believers beware. The time is coming that we were warned of. Don’t fear, we know who wins the war. Put on the full armor of the Lord, so that you may stand strong against the forces of this world. No matter what you do, you must never take the certification mark. Make no mistake, it will be the new currency as well (part of Agenda 2030)

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Update 1 May 6th 2020

There is so much more to report now. Wow! Just what, like a month or so after this blog post? Check out the latest (May 2020) news on what Bill Gates is doing in America and around the world. Read that here

Update 2 March 2021


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