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February 23, 2020 Tara Eveland 6 min read

Wouldn’t it be so much easier if you had an easy to read guide to buying quality CBD products? I mean, unless you live under a rock, you have seen and heard of the power of the plant, right? But, all these stories leave you wondering, maybe curious even, about which CBD product is best to buy.
Do you know what’s really in those CBD products you’ve seen advertised online? Maybe you’ve seen and heard all kinds of good stories about it but don’t know what to look for or where to being on research. Maybe you’re one of the people that’s wanted to try CBD but haven’t taken the plunge out of fear of wasting money on ‘snake oil’? I hear you, and I’m here to put my Certified Cannacian™ knowledge to good use with this simple guide to buying quality CBD products.

Below you will find a very simple, 5 step guide, to buying quality CBD products. At the bottom you will find my personal recommendation and the link to the products my family uses. Although this article is focused on CBD oil, the same 5 guidelines apply to all CBD products. I hope this guide to buying quality CBD helps you sort through options and make an informed decision into what you buy and put into your body.

1. Read the Label

Why it’s important: 

Label for Hempworx Pure CBD
Label from Guide to buying a quality CBD oil

When you are buying a quality cbd oil, Ingredients matter. You do not want any fillers or additives. CBD oil is meant to be absorbed under your tongue and directly into your bloodstream, therefore finding the purest ingredients is vital to your health, and safety. 

What to look for: When you’re searching and wanting to buy a quality CBD product, typically you’ll find that the less ingredients, the more pure the product. CBD occurs naturally and by itself holds the benefits, I see no reason at all to add water, sugar, dyes, and more to it.

You really only need 2 ingredients: CBD and a carrier oil, since you are ingesting it. Many people prefer a natural flavor added, so sometimes you will see 3 ingredients.

Example of a Pure CBD label (shown above) Ingredients: Hemp seed oil (carrier) + Whole Hemp Extract (fancy word for CBD + 85 other cannabinoids in full spectrum oil) (Cost $69/500mg $89/750mg $149/1500mg)

Example of a “CBD” product with additives, fillers, and more pictured below: Water, Glycerin, coconut oil, natural flavors, Prebiotic Polysacharides from Xanthan Gum and Acacia Gum, Natural Lipids, Stevia, Potassium Sorbate (Cost $120)

No alt text provided for this image

2. Where is the hemp sourced?

Why it’s important: When buying a quality CBD product, you will want to ask where the hemp is sourced. Since it’s prohibition almost 100 years ago, America has been the number one importer of industrial hemp. Because the 2018 Farm Bill is still so new (just signed Dec. 2018) America is still reliant on overseas production to supply most CBD companies. There are no current federal regulations, guidelines, or standards on these imports, so hemp shipped in from other countries can be grown in any conditions. This means these plants are often grown with harsh pesticides or other harmful chemicals, then shipped to America and used for CBD oil. Because there are no REQUIRED testing or labeling procedures that need to be done, the shelves of stores are filling up with products that may have potential to do more harm than good. bd

Look for this seal to know you have quality from seed to sale

What to look for:  Look for USA grown hemp. When the United States implemented the Industrial Hemp Pilot program in 2014, they also set standards, criteria, and testing requirements for the hemp grown on domestic soil.

In March 2019 the first 13 US hemp Authority seal of good manufacturing practices were awarded. This seal was given to companies and products that met the standards set by the US Hemp Authority. This is one thing you can quickly look for, but please regard all the other factors into your decision as well.

3. Can I see the 3rd party Lab analysis?

Why it’s important: 

There is still regulation that needs to be done to ensure safe products for all consumers. Some CBD products are still being made from imported hemp, with no laws governing the manufacturing process, labels, or even the contents of the bottles. Without any 3rd party documentation, the consumers have no idea what is really in that bottle. 

What to look for: 

Any reputable CBD company will have current 3rd party independent lab reports readily available for you to go over. These reports should have the Name and identifiable information on the company that did the testing. It should also include the following: Date, Batch numbers tested, Cannabinoids tested for, the ratio of CBD to THC, as well as any alcohol or ethanol present since those are common ways of extracting CBD. There should be more than one lab report, several over time and on different batches of oil is ideal. The CBD products I recommend all come with a handy QR code on the side of the bottle, you simply open your smart phones camera, hold it over the QR code, and you’ll be automatically taken to the independent lab reports for that batch inside the bottle you are holding.

4. What’s the cost compared to the serving size needed?

No alt text provided for this image

Why it’s important: You may find what you think to be a ‘good deal’ on a CBD oil, but make sure you compare and know what you’re getting. Because many companies water down their products you may end up needing to take more to feel the effects of CBD than you would if you took a Pure CBD oil

What to look for:  This one is a bit harder to figure out than pulling up a website on your browser, but with a little knowledge under your belt you can make an informed decision. Less ingredients and quality sources hemp will equal way less of a serving size. Oil that has additives and/or an Isolate oil you may need more of to reach the results you’ve heard others raving about.

For example: If you look at the photo above comparing the two oils above, the Hempworx on the left is $69 and will last the average person 6-8 weeks at the average serving of 5 drops (1/4 dropper) twice a day. The oil on the right in the photo is $105 and full of additives, at the recommended serving size for that oil, one dropper full, you would need to replace it in about 2-3 weeks, half the time of the pure oil on the left. 

More ingredients and fillers = More oil needed. 

Buying quality CBD = Less needed 

5. What’s the return policy if it doesn’t work? 

Why it’s important: You work hard for your money, you shouldn’t be scammed with products that promise results that never come. CBD is so new on the market that any company truly set on helping others will not stick you with an ineffective, expensive product. 

What to look for: You want to find a company that has a no risk policy. If you buy the product, take it as directed, and for whatever reason it doesn’t work for you, then you should be able to return it for your money back, no questions asked. When you are buying quality cbd products it’s worth finding one that offers a money back guarantee. The one I recommend has a full 60 day money back guarantee, If you don’t love it, you can send the empty bottle back and get a full refund.

Click HERE to check out the CBD I recommend. With just 2 ingredients + a full 60 day money back guarantee…. you can’t go wrong buying this quality CBD oil.

Click HERE to see our 3rd party Independent lab results for all products. (Documentation tab at top of page)

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