Food shortages In America are a Real Threat: Quarantine Diaries Day 34

April 11, 2020 Tara Eveland 2 min read

I never thought I’d see the day that food shortages in America and banning the selling of seeds are a real threat, and it should concern everyone. I wrote about the banning of seed sales just a few days ago, which honestly feels more like a year at this point.

The days run into one another right now. I saw this meme below about two weeks ago, at the time I thought it was hilarious… now, it’s more cruel than anything. A cruel joke. “Blursday” is real and so is “quarantine time”… you know, taking a nap at 5pm, who cares anymore if you’re up all night? We can all take naps during the day now I guess.

Quarantine time and Blursday

The next thing coming is a food shortage, it’s all around us. People need to be buying seeds and learning about growing in their zone they live in, each place is different. Just get the seeds right now though. And tune into Ice Age Farmer on YT to learn more about this, he’s been warning about this for years.

What my family is doing to prep for this shortage

I started following my friend Talia a few years ago, she’s such an inspiring and smart woman in the freedom movement. Check her out for sure! But, I started watching her tower garden highlights and story posts on Instagram and loving it! Especially that the kids can interact and learn science along the way too. I’ll be updating my own instagram highlights as we grow too over @themaryjane303.

Anyways, it came today and I am so excited to start this new adventure!

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