Certified Cannacian Courses Are Now Online

January 13, 2020 Tara Eveland 3 min read

Have you heard about the online Certified Cannacian™ Courses that are offered by Dr. Regina Nelson? I’ve went through them and I highly recommend these Cannacian courses to anyone in the industry or dealing with cannabis on a regular basis.

What is the Certified Cannacian Courses?

Level 1. Level 2. Level 3 Cannacian™ certification courses are now online and available to anyone that wishes to gain a ‘leg up’ in the cannabis education space. It is the only course of its kind in that it is dual accredited and CME is available for level 2 and 3. The Cannacian courses are accredited by the American Academy of Family Physicians and the American Veterinary Medicine Association.

Who is the course creator?

Dr. Regina Nelson has created and taught the cannacian courses over the course of the last decade. She spent the last few years traveling the world (she just got back from the UK a few months ago!) and teaching these certification courses in person. Dr. Nelson was brought into many different settings to teach the course, including medical and veterinarian offices. After several years of in person teaching, Dr. Nelson was able to use technology to bring her cannacian courses to everyone that wants it, in the comfort of their own homes, and at their own pace. 

What is a Certified Cannacian™?

Clinicians, Counselors, Coaches who are trained in cannabis therapy; an endocannabinoid caregiver having direct contact with and responsibility for medical patients. 

Certified Cannacian Levels 1-3 

Each course is broken down into set lessons that are taught via recorded videos by Dr. Nelson, and in combination with LIVE zoom meetings, coaching, and more unique to each level.

After completing each level the cannacian with receive via email their certification certification and then will also be eligible to then take the more in depth, “Train the Trainer” course to become a qualified trainer with the ECStheraphy center. Becoming a Trainer is a great way to join a network of other cannabis educators and enthusiasts, as Cannacian Trainers are able to certify other cannacians.Level 1: This is a step up for those coming into the cannabis industry . This is great for anyone having contact with patients using cannabis products. General knowledge is the focus, and anyone would benefit from this course and certification.Level 2: This is for those committed to working personally with patients and furthering their career in the cannabis industry. More in depth knowledge is shared.Level 3: This course is designed for those Cannacians™ who have extensive and personal contact with patients in cannabis therapy planning. This class is only for those with long term career goals in the industry. It dives in depth to the topics most relevant to the current industry as well as addiction, chronically ill, cancer, and seniors that wish to use cannabis therapy.

Why I Recommend the Certified Cannacian Courses:

If you’ve followed me online for any amount of time, you’re sure to see that I’ve been an active part of the cannabis community for some time. In 2002, as a Freshman student senate member, I formed the first chapter of NORML at my University. Over the years I’ve stayed active in the reform effort of the marijuana laws in each states I’ve lived in. In 2017, I joined a company that sells US Hemp Authority certified CBD products and I was really looking for a class that I could do on my own, from home, that carried some ‘weight’ I guess you could say. Meaning that I found a TON of quick certificate “CBD” courses, but Dr. Nelson had the only Accredited and legit CME courses out there.

So, I saw taking the courses as a way for me to grow even more into this passion of helping the world find and use cannabis. Completing the courses and working with Dr. Nelson has set me up to explore even further into this interest. Now, I am more confident when speaking to others about their cannabis therapy goals. I love that I am able to reference Dr. Nelsons course at any time too, this means I can always go back and relearn anything I might forget. If you’re looking to continue your education, I can’t recommend the Certified Cannacian courses enough!  -Tara Eveland 

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