wrasco yogo mat bag

Wrasco Yoga mat Bag Review

February 5, 2020 Tara Eveland 2 min read

It’s no secret I love yoga. It’s also no secret that I’m always the one running late, carrying about three different bags and dropping my keys when I try to sneak in after they start. Well….I am happy to report that is not the case any longer thanks to my husbands’ awesome Christmas gift of the Wasco Yoga Mat Bag. I am not being paid for this review at all by the brand, if I earn any monetary gain from this post it will be from the small percentage Amazon pays for using affiliate links to the item. This review is my own opinion, not paid for 😉

The bag is super cute, don’t you think? It is a gorgeous and durable canvas material, has so many HUGE & some tiny, pockets, carries a very large water bottle, and can be worn so many different ways. My favorite part of it is just how functional it is. I’m no longer carrying 3 bags and dropping stuff on the way. The front pockets are adjustable so they can become as big or as small as you need them! Actually, I’m fairly certain ALL the pockets and closures can do that! Check out the up close details in this gallery below.

Honestly guys, I’m not sure how I went a whole two years of going to Yoga multiple times a week, and didn’t have one of these bags sooner. I highly recommend it! Go check it out on Amazon for yourself if you could use something like this yourself!

wrasco yogo mat bag
My bag can be found at Amazon here!
  • SPACIOUS Yoga Bag With Pockets: this will fits a 5” Roll with 3” Block, Towel, Water Bottle & small items
  • 2 LOCKABLE COMPARTMENTS: Separate Place for Yoga Towel, Cover prevents the Contents from falling out
  • ANY CARRYING STYLE: Shoulder Bag, Crossbody Sling, Convertible Backpack – ride your bike anywhere. Super versatile (check pics below)
  • MULTI-PURPOSE: Stylish Yoga Mat Tote Bag, Pilates Bag, Yoga Gym Bag – fits well for other occasions
  • ECO-FRIENDLY: Washed Canvas Yoga Mat Bag with Breathable Lining, Metal Accessories, No Leather

✔ Front Expandable Compartment perfect for a yoga towel. For small gear, items (book, tablet with case, etc.) – fold the flap and lock the pocket with 2 snap fasteners.
✔ Main Compartment is equipped with a foldable drawstring cover: it adds working capacity, prevents the contents and mat from falling out.
✔ Both compartments of yoga mat carrying bag can be locked with toggle button and eyelets. Elastic cord with stopper provide required fixation.
✔ Long and wide adjustable strap with C-shaped buckle provide comfortable ways of carrying the yoga mat sling of your choice.
✔ 2 stylish elastic loops help keep your mat tightly rolled up inside WRASCO yoga carrying bag. 

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