Americans will be issued a proof of Vaccination card

December 3, 2020 Tara Eveland 5 min read

Today the Department of Defense released images of the new card Americans will be issued as proof of vaccination. This card is reported to be “wallet sized” and leaders are quoted saying “the vaccination cards will be used as the simplest way to keep track of of your CV 19 shots”. I reported and predicted this dangerous path were on via this blog 9 months ago! On March 18th, 2020, I wrote about the dangerous act of stamping hands for those infected and where that would lead, you can read that post next if you’d like, “Quarantine Hand Stamps”. But please read this to the end + consider sharing it out. The only way to deter their plan is by educating the masses and hoping enough people will rise up against it.

A department of health and human services employee holds a sample of the covid19 vaccine record card that will be issued.

According to CNN in their article released here , Dr. Kelley Moore, the associate director of the immunization Action Coalition, has stated the following about the cards.

“Everyone will be issued a written card that they can put in their wallet that will tell them what they had and when their next dose is due.”

Dr. Moore goes on to say each vaccination clinic will report to their own state immunization registry upon taking the vaccine. This is newspeak for “we will track who doesn’t take it” of course, but Dr. Moore says it is so an entity could “run a query if it didn’t know where a patient got a first dose” I’m sure you see the issue here, right? In America we are endowed with God given rights, not the least being our sovereignty and ability to chose what’s best for ourselves and our families. Can you see how a registry of those not complying will go down?

In the CNN article Dr. Moore states that “many places giving the vaccine will as patients to voluntarily provide a cell phone number, so they can get a text message telling them when their next dose is scheduled to be administered.” I’m not sure about you, but I’m curious why we need wallet sized cards if a new doctor can simply look a patient up in the state database? Could it be that they will encourage private businesses to enforce the showing of “immunity cards” to access goods and services? 🤔 I know I’ve read this somewhere tho…. oh yes, the Bible tells us of this very thing. Eventually they will find a reason to say the cards aren’t working and we need a more “permanent solution” for those unable to keep their card on them. This will of course usher in the ready to go technology that Bill Gates has been working on through his ID2020 company. (This company and technology can be deep dived into via my blog post here. if you aren’t familiar with it)

The CNN article goes on to quote a Claire Hannan, from the association of immunization managers, “Every dose administered will be reported to the US centers for disease control (CDC). While the CDC had not responded to the inquiry about whether such a database would include a record of everyone immunized, I’m going to go ahead and bet you 10 bucks it will. Why else would providers be mandated to track and report every dose given to the CDC?

A display in Washington DC at the Operation Warp speed HQ shows the items that will be provided with each covid19 vaccination.

The image above is from the DOD and shows the kits that will be used. The vaccine kit includes the card, a needle and syringe, alcohol wipes, and a mask. They state they have 100 MIL of these kits ready to go as soon as approval is given.

This week a special FDA panel will meet to discuss an Emergency Use Authorization for two companies, Pfizer and Moderna. These panels will meet Dec 10th and 17th and can usually be viewed as a LIVE stream via YouTube for those that want to tune in.

In related news, the last three Presidents of the United States, have came out today stating they will take the vaccine publicly in hopes of winning the trust of the people. I won’t even get into why this is laughable, there’s so many different ways it would have to be a whole post of its own.

So, what can you do about the impending push to take the never done before mRNA vaccine? Honestly, at this point I’m not sure. I’ve been a Freedom Keeper and activist in the medical freedom community since 2002, and I’ve never seen anything like this before. “This” being the complete and utter stripping away of Americans sovereignty. The vanishing of our constitutional rights happened in less than 9 months, and all for a virus with a 98% recovery rate.

If 2020 didn’t wake the world up to Agenda 2030 and the goals of the United Nations, I’m afraid nothing will. My best advice for those not wanting to be tracked for refusing this vaccine is to work to become as self sufficient as possible, as soon as possible. Soon we WILL see even more implementation of what will become the “mark of the beast”.

I foresee it happening like this: The wallet card gets us used to showing our “immunity card” to businesses schools gyms etc. to let us shop and live. Soon it will be said that this puts an undue strain on those without a wallet or means to store the card. Also, you know all those people that “forgot it at home” will be blamed too. They’ll say the only way forward is to offer a more permanent and easy solution for those that want it. The Gates ID2020 technology is already being tested in other countries + for homeless in Texas and NYC according to their site. I predict within the next 2 years they’ll implement and offer an invisible digital ID for those wanting it. A scannable mark that will tell people you have taken the vaccine. This will become the “new normal” much like 2020 became. I believe this will happen + be forced upon those that don’t want it, within the next five years.

I don’t write this to scare you, I write this because I want to prepare you. It’s here, not coming soon, it is here. The only thing standing in the way of full blown digital ID marks (aka mark of the beast), is the people.

Do you plan to take the vaccine? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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