USA Government Bans the selling of Seeds: American Quarantine Diary Day 27

April 3, 2020 Tara Eveland 1 min read

Why would the government ban the sell of seeds? Twitter is a blaze today with this photo showing a notice of a ban on buying seeds. I first saw it online and had to dig to verify it before posting it… and it’s true.

Vermont has banned the sell of seeds and gardening supplies

I’ve followed someone on YouTube for about a month now, he’s been sharing worldwide news about this for a while now. Below are some screen shots from today’s twitter about the topic plus a new video from Ice age farmers channel.

Watch the Ice Age Farmer video here.

My family went and bought a few things to get seeds started a few weeks ago. Have you yet? Can you even imagine not being able to grow your own food? Why would they do that though? If you don’t know, research Agenda 2030 from the United Nations.

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