Organized Riots are Destroying America

June 1, 2020 Tara Eveland 1 min read

Organized Riots are Destroying America

What I have seen the last few nights on LIVE feeds has been nothing short of shocking and downright scary at times. I expected when the next revolution came that I would be front and center, fighting right alongside my fellow Patriots. This though, this isn’t a revolution, this is a massacre that was planned to destroy America from the inside out.

Last night I saw and watched the 200+ year old St. Johns cathedral burn across from the White House. I watched as the rioters next burnt the Lincoln Park Guard shack, and even worse, an Egyption architect expert got on Twitter to share exactly HOW to take down National Monuments. Is this real life?

Check out the second video I put together below and make up your own mind, do you think this is funded by George Soros? If you don’t know anything about the man, maybe now is the time to start researching.

The first video from just a few days ago, when the riots started can be found here.

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