Red Pill Research: WHERE TO BEGIN

April 13, 2020 Tara Eveland 4 min read

Are you feeling overwhelmed with where to begin Red Pill research? Deep down we all know it is time to dig into what is ‘really’ going on here. We’ve had friends telling us for years now that something was going on, something ‘they’ weren’t telling to the little people. Most of us listened nicely while thinking “what a conspiracy theorist” and rolling our internal eye balls.

I get it, ignoring it or automatically dismissing the theory is what most do because it’s some really hard medicine to swallow. That is the exact reason doing this research is called taking the “red pill”, it is much easier to take the blue one and live life unaware. It’s too late in the game to stay unaware though, things are changing fast.

What to know before you take the red pill

The biggest thing to understand before beginning your red pill research is how to find the facts and how to separate the more ‘zealous’ theories from what is actually happening. There is a fine line between the true messed up agenda that is out there, and those that truly are ‘conspiracy theorist’. How do you seperate the sources and know what narrative to believe? This is obviously going to be a personal decision, but what I do is this. I research and look for facts from the sources themselves.

For instance, let’s take researching Bill Gates as the example. Instead of using just this blog or watching youtube videos from someone you like to listen to, you want to seek out research for yourself. The other sources are great, thost share a personal opinion of that persons research, and there is no substitute for finding clear cut answers for yourself when you decide to take the red pill.

Finding Trustworthy Red Pill RESEARCH

Perhaps the biggest challenge faced when digging into the global agenda will be finding trustworthy red pill research sources. Look for sources that are unbiased, fact based, and always have a legit way to document and save for future reference (one thing I’ve learned quickly is that screenshots live forever even when websites and documents are pulled) Always take a screenshot of something you find if you are on your phone, and save any legit websites you source from as well, you never know when these things will be found on a massive scale, and when that happens, they usually tend to ‘disappear’.

I have found almost all of my resources for this blog from the information that is published, legal, and out in the wide open from the companies and people that are discussed, that goes for vaccines, Agenda 21/Agenda 2030, Event 201, ALL OF IT. I was honestly floored to see that these agendas are available, and can even be downloaded to save. For example, in this Quarantine Diary post I show how the quarantine stamps will lead to Bill Gates and his ID2020 agenda, using direct sources, all of which I source below for you in my list.

As seen in the movie “The Matrix” for example

Where to Begin Red Pill Research

I’ve started a list of recommendations of where to begin red pill research, plus some tips of what to look for on each topic. I’ve also linked (hover over the word you want to research) the official websites and sources to get your started on these hot topics. I encourage you to make a NEW FOLDER in your photo albums on your phone for your screenshots to be added to as well as bookmarking each site for future referencing.

Other things worth researching include Big Pharmas’ history, facts, and more are located here & then the vaccine page on the same site located here.

It is time to take the red pill.

I know it’s scary, I get it. If you research ANY of this and apply it to what is going on right now in America, you have to be scared. But, I bring you good news. One has already come before us, this whole event happening right now has already been foretold, and guess what? Good wins. God wins.


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