Quarantine Diaries day 50+

April 25, 2020 Tara Eveland 1 min read

The world we are leaving behind

I worry about how my kids will see their life, will they remember the days when we hugged our neighbors? Will my kids remember the days they played at the park with their friends, and making new ones, without wearing masks? I worry about these things as we continue our American quarantine of 2020. It’s been over 50 days, I lost count, I stopped counting, I gave up on that one thing, because well you know…. I’ve got a few other imporatant things on my mind right now.

Today is April 26th, the day CO governor Jared Polis said we would be free to leave our homes and the stay at home order lifted. Sounds great right? It would be except the Jefferson county health commissioner has decided our county does NOT get to leave today. In fact, he’s went a step further threatening fines and arrests. Of course, the police don’t work for him, they work for us, they’re sworn to protect and serve the community, not dole out punishments to the citizens on orders.

Many officers in states all across America are taking a stand and saying they WILL NOT enforce such tyrannical orders as we’ve seen go in place in MI, their governor says no one can even ride in a car together.

It’s getting bad and I’m afraid it’ll only get worse.

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