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New Hempworx CBD Softgels now available

March 22, 2020 Tara Eveland 2 min read

I’m so excited to introduce new Hempworx CBD softgels today. These Hempworx Softgels come in three different varieties including CBD+ Melatonin, Coffeeberry, and one containing Curcumin. We also added a few other products too, including many new flavors of our US Hemp Certified CBD oil, so sign up for new blog posts to hear all about those next.

If you haven’t tried our CBD oil yet, why not?

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New Hempworx CBD gel caps are available now at www.evelandcbd.com

Introducing New Hempworx CBD Softgels

Each Hempworx CBD softgel contains Broad Spectrum CBD, which has No THC, and is paired with amazing natural ingredients to create a powerful result. Perfect for many different lifestyles and purposes! Three different formulas of New Hempworx CBD Softgels are now available:

CBD + Curcumin – Perform your best with 25mg of CBD and 50mg of Curcumin per New Hempworx CBD Softgel

Check it out here

CBD + Melatonin – Drift off to sleep with 25mg of CBD and 5mg of Melatonin per Hempworx CBD Softgel

CBD + CoffeeBerry – An organic and natural blast of energy with 25mg of CBD and 100mg of CoffeeBerry Extract per New Hempworx CBD Softgel

These products and more are available to try with a 60 day money back guarantee here.

We’ve also added NEW FLAVORS to our bestselling pure CBD oil.

Check out my website for the New Hempworx CBD Softgels and even more products that ship right to your front door.

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