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April 4, 2020 Tara Eveland 3 min read

Here you will find my Guide to Buying Legit CBD Products. Everywhere you go these days from the grocery store to the Doctors office seems to be selling the stuff. So how do you know what’s going to really work and what products are just sales gimmicks? Luckily for you, I’ve been around the cannabis culture most of my life and have used CBD products myself for several years now. So, settle in for this quick read and learn how to buy legit CBD products.

US Hemp Authority certified seal of quality & QR code that consumer scans to see 3rd party lab test results.

What you need to know Before you Buy CBD products

1. Not all hemp is created equal

Not all companies use American Hemp, or even plants for that matter. Many cheap CBD products are still being imported from overseas, usually as a ‘paste’, in huge barrels with zero oversight or regulation. This leaves major room for contaminants such as molds, metals, and other toxins.

2.Hemp cbd products are federally legal in your state or they will not ship to you

Do not ever buy a CBD product without asking to see the 3rd party independent lab Testing that proves what is in it. A reputable company will make this very easy typically by adding g a scannable QR code on the label itself.

Check for the USA hemp authority seal on the CBD product before you buy it. If you are buying online make sure the company has been certified and their products hold the seal of quality from the US Hemp Authority.

Make sure before you buy any CBD products that you get a full 60 day Money back guarantee. You need to be able to try the product, make sure you like it, let it work, and then make your decision on if you want to be a customer.

You want a pure extracted CBD oil. This will be taken sublingually so it’s vital you make sure there is no leftover residue, toxins, metals, or alcohols from the extraction process. To make sure of this read the back of your product or the website and make sure the process used is “critical CO2 extraction” only. This is the cleanest way to extract cannabis oil.

Make sure there are no fillers or additives. The only ingredients needed are the whole plant extracted oil and a carrier. For the carrier I prefer hemp seed oil. Another ingredient that may be added is a natural flavoring, but anymore are not needed and are often only added to stretch the product.

The brand I have aligned myself with since 2017 matches all of the above criteria, and more. My company ships to your front door with no monthly order obligation and a full 60 day money back guarantee on all products we sell.
If you’re read to start your CBD journey, I highly recommend starting with our full spectrum 500mg Natural CBD oil + a bottle of our CBD gummies which are amazing to keep in the car or in your desk at work.
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