A Book Review of the Cannabis Health Index by dr. Uwe Blesching

January 12, 2020 Tara Eveland 4 min read


I first saw the Cannabis Health Index in 2019 while browsing my local book store. Upon flipping through the index, I quickly learned this was a book that HAD to make its way to my reference library. In fact, I paid $5 more than the Amazon price because I didn’t want to leave that store without it. Below you’ll find my review as well as a link to check out the book on Amazon. I hope you’ll read the reviews there too, this is a must have for anyone in the cannabis industry.

About the Book: 

Blesching’s book,“The Cannabis Health Index,” is 600+ pages and priced affordably at $24.95. It is an excellent resource. Blesching has painstakingly reviewed the literature and compiled a cannabis health index score, a CHI, for 100 various diseases and conditions that can be treated with cannabis. The author describes the CHI as “an evidence-based rating system that shows degrees of confidence in cannabis as an effective treatment for a specific condition.”

The CHI score is complex. Dr. Blesching reviewed more than 1,000 studies, giving greater weight to human vs. animal studies. Weight is also given to individual studies, or case studies. The result is a “score” that Dr. Blesching uses to rank the efficacy of cannabis in treating everything from aging to schizophrenia. The ranking system is visually represented with one to five cannabis leaves.

Another noteable feature is that a good portion of the book is about mind-body relations and the role of mindfulness in using cannabis as part of the healing process. Dr. Blesching begins from the standpoint of the endogenous cannabinoid system (ECS) and offers an easy-to-read explanation of this important physiology. He then points out that cannabis is not the only substance that can alter our ECS and offers some very useful information on nutritional supplements as well as offering advice on different foods to help combat each condition.

Index Flip Through:


Who Needs this book:

The CHI is immensely useful to Doctors, nurses, and other Cannabis Industry professionals who are on the front lines of helping others to integrate cannabis therapy. The way the information in the book is presented will be familair for medical professionals, as the CHI follows the classic “Physicians Desk Reference” style, in that it has compiled the data on a multitude of conditions and presents it in a cohesive and easy to navigate fashion.

This is also a great book to have in your library if you are part of the online cannabis industry in any way. Why you ask? How many times have you heard, “Well, there just isn’t enough research on it”. Dr. Bleschings’ book is great when it comes to compiling the data and research that has been done. When you have this in your library, you can access it to quickly dispel the notion of “no research”. Another bonus to owning the CHI is that it has a companion website that is updated as new research becomes available. 

What medical professionals are saying about the Cannabis Health Index

“CHI is a wonderful resource for using cannabis as part of a complete mind-body medicine approach to health. It is clearly written and extremely accessible. Readers receive an easily digestible summary of medical research on the effects of therapeutic cannabis use on various health issues as well as helpful/practical suggestions for self-inquiry, dietary modifications, affirmations and other complementary healing remedies for addressing the root as well as the symptoms of their illnesses. Dr. Blesching does a stellar job of integrating his many decades of experience in western medicine, science and mindfulness into this comprehensive book. As a health care practitioner, I will be referring to it frequently for useful suggestions for my patients and recommending it to peers and patients alike.”-Dr. Sherri Diy 

What Industry Professionals are saying about the Cannabis Health Index

“My favorite aspect of this book has to be the integrative aspect. Dr. Blesching does an amazing job of combining medicine and mindfulness into this reference book. I like that it recommends blessings, affirmations, and even food that is all connected to helping that particular ailment. I also really like that each illness or disease has it’s own dedicated chapter. This makes for easy indexing and navigation when I’m quickly looking for some info for one of my cannabis coaching clients.” – Tara Eveland, Certified Cannacian & Trainer 

Where to buy the Cannabis Health Index:

I first saw this book at the local bookshop and knew I had to take it home that day. I paid $29.99. However, Amazon of course has it for less, $5 less to be exact. 

Click here to buy the Cannabis Health Index on Amazon for: $24.95

Amazon pays me a small commission off of purchases that I refer to them on the products I love. All opinions are my own and only on products I personally own, love, and recommend to my tribe! Thank you for reading, till next time, 

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