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March 17, 2020 Tara Eveland 4 min read
Tara Eveland

This is my personal account, all opinions and speculations are my own, or the sources provided. This is my American COVID-10 Dairy, and this is Monday March 16th, 2020.Hi there, I’m Tara Eveland, thank you for stopping by my little corner of the internet. I normally write about my experience in the Cannabis industry and try to educate people on the vast benefits of the plant, but, I need an outlet. I want a spot to add the things I find in my research, chronicle the news and timeline of events, and also you know, I am a huge reader of history, some of my favorite accounts were written firsthand by the people living through them. So here I am, subscribe for updates via email for new posts if you want to follow. 

My attention was peaked in the beginning of this year, around end of December, beginning of January.  I began to see my friends on Missionary over in China start to post strange things to their story. They are American of course, Chinese aren’t allowed to speak bad of the CPP (China Communism Party) They rule their citizens with an iron fist, meaning they control everything. You can read more about it via the Wiki link at the bottom of this post, but for times sake just trust my word I guess. In China they have laws on speech, only English citizens living there are allowed free speech. In the sources I will also list the FB profile for an American that updates from Wuhan China as he walks around freely and others are locked inside. Let’s just say, they’ve banned Google, they have their own social media, and if a Chinese citizen even says something bad about the CPP they can be arrested, imprisoned, and sometimes end up just disappearing altogether. So, when my American friends started updating, I started paying attention.

I quickly noticed the rest of the world was NOT paying attention. Outside of China it was hard to even find someone talking about it. That might be hard to believe now, with the constant onslaught of Covid media attention and breaking news, but I promise you, there was a time, not very long ago, that the only media reporting were the people. I saw videos of mass bodies, factories running around the clock to burn bodies (yep, you read that right, research it if you don’t believe it), and shocking footage of mass spraying of some kind of chemicals all over their cities. As the month progress, the CPP seemed to step in and many ‘whistleblowers’ that wanted to warn the world went missing under the guise of being ill and soon the media coming out went dark. And after that… the spread really began. The following information I typed out directly from Dr. John Campbells typed and written notes he uses on his daily update videos. Each day, at least once a day, he goes Live from the U.K. to share updates, his advice, and more. I first found him on Youtube in January, no one but him was talking about COVID19 in any language I could understand. He has given solid, sound, and unbiased reports every day since, and his predictions for spread and outcome has been spot on so far. 


International Updates

Source: Dr. John Campbell YT daily update video

March 15th. 2020

Philippines 100M

*City of minila- Community quarantine of 20M people. No domestic flights. No road access in, road blocks and police checks.

*Lockdown announced 2 days before starting

*all church’s closed: live streaming

*Malls closed except grocery & pharmacy

*Curfew 8PM-5am

*other cities locked down

*all routine hospital admissions stopped, all routine surgeries stopped

*tripled ER admission rates

*400 ventilators

Austria’s and NZ

*14 day Quarantine for anyone arriving into the country


• Will need to flatten the curve for 10 years to be within current hospital capacity

• American Airlines has a 75% reduction in flights and any long haul flights cancelled

• Travel bans

• 3/14/20 announced free testing, some are drive through

• Apple & Niche closed


*national lock down

*non essential public places shut down

*French government says flattering the curve is the only way to prevent mass fatalities


*state of emergency

*15 days lock down

*Home delivery food all restaurants are closed

*Public gathering banned

*Stay at home except work and essential shopping


• lock down in place for a week and cases still rising

• Death rate is 6.6% and climbing

• “In ten days the situation has become like a war zone”

• Field hospitals set up in fields

• Reducing the fever increases the death rate

• Hospitals are putting corpses into the churches there’s no more room for them anywhere

• Before Feb hardly any cases


Telling citizens to come home while they can

*Quebec declares health emergency

*Proactively postponing school


*3/16/20 no one can leave homes

*4,000 euro fine

*police checks and if not home you get a fine and a police file

“The delay in testing is just hard to believe, but I’m glad it’s happening now”

“If we get a vaccine in 2021 it will be the fastest vaccine created and administered in history”

Sources Cite:

Chinese Law on Wiki
American Citizen Journalist living in China Daily FB updates

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